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Cyber security training for staff

Staff cyber security training is like teaching your team how to lock the doors and windows of your digital “house” to keep it safe from “digital burglars.” Imagine your computer and company information as your home, and the internet is like your neighborhood.

This training is a bit like giving your staff lessons on how to recognize and avoid online tricks and traps that can be used to steal information or harm your “digital house.” It’s like teaching them to be alert and cautious, so they don’t click on suspicious links or open emails from strangers, just as you’d teach someone not to open the door to a stranger at home.

So, staff cyber security training is about making sure your team knows how to protect your company’s “digital home” from unwanted visitors and keep everything safe and secure online. It’s like giving them the keys to the digital locks and showing them how to use them properly.

spot the scam

Train staff in identifying dodgy emails to prevent them letting hackers into systems.

check results

Run bespoke KnowBe4 phishing email simulations and collect the data to assess the savviness of staff.

improve security

Train and test employees over time until they recognise the hallmarks of a scam and secure your business.

why train staff in cyber security?

User error is one of the main ways IT security incidents happen. It might sound small, but one click on a dodgy email can bring an entire system down. Which is why it is super important to ensure staff are informed and educated when it comes to spotting and stopping scam emails or noticing if something doesn’t seem quite right on a website.

With cyber security threats ever increasing, it is more important than ever to train staff in combating potential issues. Luckily, there are solutions that deal with this exact problem and packaged IT security training educates employees on the cyber security threats to look out for. At Preventa, we use KnowBe4 which is a training platform that not only provides staff with up-to-date IT security information but can actively test teams by sending fake scam emails and report on who clicks on what.

how does our cyber security work?

In short, we provide a high level of IT security awareness training for employees. From one single location, you can design short IT security programs for staff to complete, this can include phishing training and weak password tests. 

There are hundreds of competing tools that provide IT security training for employees, but our platform comes into its own by offering organisations tailored training that can be adapted to businesses, teams and even individuals. The tailoring is based on numerous factors, but one of the most powerful insights is the ability to run real-time phishing email simulations across the organisation.

Every simulation is created – by either you or us – with your organisation in mind. This is important because you need to find out whether your team is more susceptible to a fake email about a missed courier delivery or a false bank transfer request from the MD. There are hundreds of phishing email templates that are updated regularly and can be deployed quickly in a few clicks. Following the simulation, data is captured as to who clicked what, which not only reveals how vulnerable you are as an organisation but also reveals where training needs to take place.

Over time, we demonstrate the improved security of your business. Your team maybe 25% “phish-prone” today, but by running bespoke phishing campaigns and targeted IT security training modules, you can expect to see that number fall dramatically in just a short period of time. Once staff become accustomed to the traits of suspicious email, they are better equipped to deal with the real thing should it land in their inbox.

how can you use us to help?

We can get your business set up with the platform in no time, assessing your employees’ awareness and testing your company’s cyber security strength. Having assisted a large number of customers in this area, we can advise on the best way to create bespoke emails and how to respond to the results. 

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to audit your current IT security system to spot any potential gaps. Obviously, we know a fair bit about our solution and how to use it to maximum effect, so we can explain how the platform would integrate into your current cyber security plans. 

Plus, we pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch, so if you just want a chat about cyber security, drop us a line. Whether you need the platform or just a bit of advice on staff security training, we’d be happy to advise.