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a helping hand

An IT helping hand is like having a technician on speed dial, ready to assist you when you need them in an instant. It’s a bit like having a trusted friend who’s always there when you face a tech emergency.

Whether your computer crashes, your Wi-Fi acts up, or you’re stuck with a tricky tech issue, this helping hand is the one you call to get things back on track. It’s like having a reliable lifeline for your tech troubles, ensuring that you can count on swift assistance whenever you need a technician’s expertise at a moment’s notice.

fact find

We’ll start by getting into the workings of your current IT system, discovering what works well and how we can make improvements.


Then we will create a detailed plan specific to your business needs to get you the best options specific to your requirements.


We’ll introduce you to our team so we can help transform your IT systems. We will always be on hand to offer you more assistance.

our IT consultancy offering

Before you start on a project, it is a good idea to know where you are headed. This is why our consultants draw upon our tried and tested methods for problem discovery, gap identification and technological advancement to create a future proof strategy, no matter the size of your business.

At the start, our IT experts get to grips with your current IT setup. They will investigate your infrastructure to understand the things that work really well and not so well on a daily basis.

Once the detective work is done and we understand your IT systems and business goals, we will create a technical roadmap (suitable for non-technical professionals!), outlining the necessary steps to ensure your IT is secured into the future.

Then, we get to work! We design and build bespoke systems and the frustrations of your previous systems will become a distant memory. Our wonderful install team set up any new hardware or make the transition to new software.

Just as your business is constantly growing and changing, so your IT requirements will change too. Our trusty team of consultants can continue to assist over time, working with you to plan for the future and adjust your technical roadmap accordingly

For clients who do not have the budget or who need a truly flexible solution, we offer a Pay as You Go IT support service. Customers can still rely on our experienced team to solve their IT problems, and we are also available to investigate ad-hoc or individual issues which may not fit within our core service offering.

why choose PCX IT?

Choose PCX IT Support because they’re your reliable tech partners with over 25 years of experience, ready to provide custom solutions that perfectly fit your business. Whether you prefer managed IT support or pay-as-you-go plans, their local team in the Midlands ensures quick responses to keep your tech running smoothly. They’re your local experts, always there to lend a hand when you need it, ensuring your IT is secure and compliant while delivering a top-notch experience, making your business their top priority.