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azure cloud computing

Azure Cloud Services is like a super powerful computer that you can use over the internet. Instead of having a computer on your desk, you can store and run your programs and files on Microsoft’s big computer. This means you can access your stuff from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It’s like having your own virtual office in the sky! Plus, it’s really secure, so your information is safe. It’s a great way for businesses to have lots of computing power without having to buy and manage their own big servers. It’s like renting a really fast and reliable computer whenever you need it.

up into the cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform with over 200+ different services to assist with data management, security and communication.

count the pennies

Instead of dropping a big wedge of money onto an on-premise server that will eventually wear out, Azure allows you to pay for the space as and when you need it.

super security benefits

Microsoft Azure enables streamlined remote working, disaster recovery when you need it, very easy cloud backups and much more.

what is good about azure?

Azure is super flexible, with over 200+ different services, Azure allows your business what it actually needs. Azure can adapt to you, rather than having to invest in a load of things you probably don’t really need. 

You only pay for what you use, so instead of investing a giant chunk of money upfront, you only pay for your actual usage every month, giving you a better idea of your business’s ongoing costs.

Instead of having to spend on physical servers and backup drives that will eventually break or become too small, you let Microsoft take care of that bit and just pay for your server as a service. 

Having servers and data in the cloud rather than within sight in the office can feel less secure, but it is actually beneficial to security. With Azure, business data is stored in a UK-based data centre, meaning a cyber-attack can be quickly subverted with readily available backups and efficient disaster recovery systems. Besides, Microsoft’s cyber security investment is huge – far greater than what most businesses can afford – but accessible to every Azure customer.

how can Preventa help?

At Preventa, we use specialists to deliver Microsoft Azure solutions and services. We think it’s a platform to consider, we are sure businesses can benefit from what Microsoft is offering. We can move your old services to Azure, optimise your Azure usage and potentially lower your Azure running costs.