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Efficient IT compliance is like following rules to keep everything running smoothly. It means making sure that your computer systems and how you use them meet certain standards or guidelines. It’s a bit like driving a car – you have to follow the traffic rules to stay safe and keep things moving. With efficient IT compliance, you’re making sure your technology is secure, your data is protected, and you’re playing by the right rules for your industry. It’s like having a reliable map that guides you on the right path in the world of technology. This way, you can avoid problems and focus on getting things done the right way.

Cyber Essentials was designed with small businesses in mind. Smaller businesses often can’t afford in-house IT security teams to maintain the level of protection available to larger organisations, which makes them an easier target. Cyber Essentials is the solution. 

PCI DSS is a standard of security centred around card payment details. The overall goal is to reduce card payment fraud by ensuring details remain secure whenever it is processed. Talk to Preventa about PCI DSS security authentication for assistance in applying today.

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