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managed IT services

Managed IT services are like having a tech team on speed dial to handle your computer stuff. It’s a bit like having a car with a mechanic who takes care of everything from regular check-ups to fixing problems. With managed IT services, experts look after your computer systems, making sure they run smoothly, stay safe from digital dangers, and get fixed quickly if something goes wrong. It’s like having your own tech superheroes who keep your computer world working well, so you can focus on your job without tech worries, just like having a trustworthy mechanic to keep your car in great shape.

personal service

Your dedicated tech account manager is an IT expert who’s on your side and provides honest advice.

guaranteed fix times

When there’s a problem, you just want it fixed. That’s why we offer guaranteed fix times.


We constantly keep an eye on your systems to spot issues before they become a problem.

our approach to managed IT services

Day-to-day, utilising managed IT services means data backs up, emails send and the internet connects without you having to think about it. Our proactive management of your businesses’ IT helps you to remain at the top of your market because technological problems are not tripping you up.

At Preventa, your technical account manager really does manage your account. They will be your point of contact, your IT guru, your technical support and a friendly voice at the end of the phone (or on-site if you require).

The management of multiple suppliers can often take up too much time. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of having one point of contact from which to manage all your IT requirements. Well, good news, we can be that point of contact and deal with everything for you.

proactive account management

There are a range of businesses that may find pay as you go support best suits their IT needs…

PAYG can be of benefit to companies with limited budgets who need to preserve resources. Likewise, start-ups with small teams and unpredictable growth may appreciate more ad-hoc support as they come to terms with the level of IT infrastructure they require.

Larger companies with in-house IT support may also occasionally require additional expertise or assistance with one-off projects. Specialist advice on new technology can also be useful for IT departments that usually focus on the day-to-day running of IT.

how is Preventa different?

At Preventa, we are not interested in just selling you the latest tech or bamboozling you with technical jargon. Rather, we combine bespoke IT wizardry with friendly customer service to ensure your IT conundrums are solved with the least amount of hassle. Our technical account managers work on your account all year round, so they get to know you and your IT systems inside out.

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