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internet connectivity for business

Reliable internet connectivity is like having a strong and steady connection to the internet. It means your internet works smoothly without suddenly stopping or becoming really slow. It’s a bit like a reliable road – you can drive on it without unexpected bumps or roadblocks. With reliable internet, you can do things like watch videos, chat with friends, and get work done online without frustrating interruptions. So, it’s like having a trustworthy path that lets you do all the things you want to do on the internet without any hitches.

stop intermittent internet

Ensuring you’ve got the right internet package is integral when avoiding the headache of unreliable internet that literally stops people from working.

making the right choice

There are lots of different options when it comes to the internet, so it is a good idea to have an expert on hand to explain the pros and cons of every service.

super speedy internet

With more and more businesses switching to working in the cloud, reliable and fast internet connectivity is more important than ever.

what are the options?

Broadband is often the most effective internet solution for businesses, depending on your requirements and availability. Using ADSL, ADSL 2 + and FTTC technologies we will make sure you have a tip-top internet connection, all supported by Preventa’s award-winning customer service.

Wi-Fi is great for ensuring both employees and visitors can access the internet wirelessly and securely. Using the latest tech, we can oversee the management and maintenance of your network, deploying everything from a simple wireless access point to a complex multi-tenant, managed network. Our talented engineers have in-depth wireless network knowledge, which means even a simple solution will be high performing. Get the type of wi-fi you want with the best coverage, reliability and speed available.

why Preventa?

How complicated can setting up the internet be? After all, we’ve all got it in our homes. But for businesses needing bespoke and high-end solutions it is not quite as simple. We’ve worked with all sorts of businesses, installing internet infrastructure in new buildings from scratch or upgrading tired and unreliable networks. There is often lots to think about when balancing office location, budget and business needs, so it is useful to have an expert on hand. Plus, with cloud computing on the up and up, speedy internet is more important than ever.