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Computer servers are a bit like super-powered central brains for your computer network. Think of them as the head chef in a big kitchen, responsible for preparing and serving the meals. These servers store and manage data, files, and programs for other computers to use. They’re the ones that deliver web pages when you browse the internet, handle your emails, and store important files for businesses. In simple terms, they’re like the big, strong engines that power the internet and keep everything working smoothly, making sure your computer can find and share information when you need it.

find the right fit

From physical servers to cloud servers, getting the right system is imperative for the smooth running of your organisation

smooth installation

Whether you’re upgrading your server or moving to the cloud, our engineers will ensure that downtime is minimised and data is carefully retained.

proactive server monitoring

Focus on the job at hand, rather than thinking about your server with a support company that keeps a watchful eye over the server for you.

how can Preventa assist with servers?

Whether you need an entry-level server or a high performing system, we can match you with the perfect server, either on-site or online. We can provide…

  • Physical and virtual servers
  • Cloud servers
  • Virtualisation
  • Blade servers
  • Storage area networks
  • Dell servers

Due to the vast array of servers and systems available it can take time to work out what you might need. Our knowledgeable team will spend time getting to know your business to work out exactly which server would be the perfect fit.


Chosen by us based on your specifications, your new server will fit your exact requirements. If it’s a physical, on-site server we’ll install the hardware and configure the software to do exactly what you would like – be that running a database or managing files in the office. If it’s a cloud server, we’ll carefully migrate all your data, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

server monitoring

With servers being integral to an IT network, it is pretty important to keep a watchful eye over them. We use the best monitoring solutions available to ensure we spot any potential issues before a server runs into trouble.

on-site servers

We look after your server hardware and monitor its health. If there’s a crisis or any parts need replacing, one of our engineers will be with you straight away

cloud servers

Reduce the cost of maintaining your own hardware by switching to the cloud. With uptime guarantees and access from anywhere, cloud servers ensure your business can keep running with no risk of power outages or hardware failures impacting productivity. Because cloud servers are on a subscription basis, this keeps your costs down, and means you can grow and scale as an organisation.