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microsoft 365 solutions

Microsoft Office 365 Business is like a toolbox for your computer. It gives you useful tools like Word for writing, Excel for numbers, and PowerPoint for making cool presentations. You can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet, so you can work from anywhere. It also helps you send and receive emails through Outlook and store your stuff safely in the cloud. It’s a bit like having a magic briefcase that keeps all your important work in one place, and you can access it whenever you need. It’s great for businesses because it makes work easier and more organised.

streamline your work life

More than just an office solution, Microsoft 365 enhances day to day efficiency, cyber security and virtual collaboration.

seamlessly migrate

With hundreds of migrations under our belt, we know a thing or two about how to integrate a business with Microsoft 365.

enhanced support

Invite a service provider to administer your account to avoid all the nitty gritty intricacies of a migration.

microsoft partners

On paper, it is just Microsoft Office in the cloud, but in reality it enables the efficient day-to-day management of many aspects of business life. From virtual collaboration to advanced data security, Microsoft 365 serves as the perfect “cloud in the office” solution, offering everything you need to run a highly-productive and well-organised business.

We’re pretty good pals with Microsoft – partners, to be more formal – and as such we know how to navigate businesses through every step of the process when making the leap to Microsoft 365. Our tech team can handle everything from the initial brief to full migration and implementation. And, we actively manage Microsoft 365, which means once you’re all set up and running, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the smooth-running of your infrastructure

microsoft 365 includes…

A suite of the most up-to-date Office products that form the foundation of your day-to-day operations, including Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access.

An all-in-one solution to business email, including mobile synchronisation, calendar scheduling and business-branded templates.

A powerful video chat & collaboration application, allowing for up to 100 participants.

A feature-rich storage and sharing platform, allowing for tight integration with other Microsoft 365 products.