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Having an antivirus on your PC is a bit like having a superhero shield that defends your computer from sneaky viruses. You see, when you use your computer and go online, there are tiny, invisible villains (viruses) that can try to harm your computer or steal your information. The antivirus is like your computer’s personal superhero. It stands guard, scans your computer for these bad guys, and fights them off to keep your computer safe. It’s like having a trusty sidekick that watches over your PC and makes sure it stays healthy and protected from digital baddies, just like a superhero keeps their city safe from villains.

keep the hackers out

Working online means business data is regularly vulnerable to cyber attacks – antivirus protection keeps them at bay.

know your antivirus stuff

We partner with some of the best antivirus providers out there to keep you several steps ahead of the hackers.

forget about antivirus

Good antivirus just operates in the background, so once you are set up you can focus on more important things.

why your business needs antivirus protection

No matter the sector, you most likely use the internet on a daily basis. Without even thinking about it, you’ll send emails, transfer data and purchase items, sending valuable information and data out onto the web, making it a target for hackers and data thieves. 

This is no problem at all if you have the suitable protections in place, but PCs or laptops that run without up-to-date or unsuitable antivirus software run the risk of becoming exposed to viruses such as spyware, spam or trojans. These types of viruses could lead to loss of vital data, stolen customer information or identity theft – all things that any business would want to avoid. 

In order to dodge the above calamity, all you need to do is to ask us for some professional antivirus software support. We can help you choose an option that is suitable for your specific organisation and then rest easy knowing your valuable information is safe and secure. 

businesses antivirus support

Now we are all agreed you definitely need antivirus (scroll back up if you missed that bit), let’s take a look at what we can assist you with: 

  • Managed antivirus software for laptops and desktops
  • File and network server antivirus software management 
  • Gateway antivirus software (scanning data before it arrives in your network) 
  • Email server antivirus and antispam software

It can sound techy, but in simple terms it means putting in protections across your IT system to block viruses, spam emails and dodgy software wherever they might try to sneak in. We have great antivirus solutions, from our trusted partners such as ESET and N-Able. Plus, we know how to manage multiple antivirus software packages suitable for any size company, so you’ll get the best protection for your business. 

It goes without saying that having the right antivirus protection is essential for the smooth running of your business. Modern viruses can be nasty and things like ransomware can even steal data and money. Antivirus works away quietly in the background, so you can get on with your work safe in the knowledge that your systems are suitably secured.