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cloud security

Cloud security is like putting a strong lock on a treasure chest in the sky. When you store your important digital stuff, like documents and pictures, in the cloud (which is like a big internet storage), you want to make sure it’s safe from any curious or naughty folks. Cloud security is that lock – it protects your stuff, making sure only you and the people you allow can access it. It’s like having a guardian for your digital treasure chest, ensuring that your personal and business information is well-guarded in the online world. So, in simple terms, it’s like a protective shield for your cloud data, making sure it stays secure and private.

new tools, new threats

As cloud computing has increased, so have the tricks hackers use to compromise businesses, which is why cloud security is imperative.

one step ahead

Security threats are always changing, but with the right combination of services, you can keep them locked out.

cloud security

After a period of research, we have come up with a cloud security offering that protects the main entry points to your systems.

what is cloud security?

Cloud security provides protection to anything you store in the cloud. This technology creates a safe environment for all users as they access the cloud from multiple locations, ensuring all unauthorised access is immediately identified and denied. Businesses and institutions alike are waking up to the dangers of online activity, so a service like this is becoming vitally important when demonstrating best working practices to customers.

It is impossible – and also a very bad idea – to ignore cloud security as a threat in this day and age. Every day there is an average of 65,000 attempts to hack or illegally obtain data from UK businesses. One of these attempts is successful every 19 seconds, and according to the UK government, a data breach costs a UK business an average of £4,180 per year.

how Preventa tackles cloud security threats

Our team of experts has spent over 18 months analysing data from our clients and the wider cloud solutions market to develop a service that tackles the growing problem with cloud protection. Our research has brought together a number of leading services in the Microsoft cloud to offer unique protection.

our protection programme covers three key areas:

Identity and access management takes care of your digital identities, things like usernames, passwords and email addresses. From a security perspective, this is the gateway to your systems and assets. A compromised identity is one of the most prolific hacking methods, so it is vitally important to keep on top of it.

Endpoint security focuses on the devices that are used to access systems and assets. It’s crucial that devices – whether that’s a company-owned computer or a personal mobile device – meet standards set out by the organisation prior to entry to the network.

Data security includes access to your data itself, the most valuable digital asset your organisation has. Perhaps your company handles thousands of patient records or marketing contacts or structural design drawings – either way, it’s vital to maintain the integrity of that data.

Providing adequate protection on just one of these fronts is not enough, but with all three combined you’ll be set to tackle the hackers.